Wednesday, October 27, 2010

why you got to pontificate to me.

I always wonder why people take things so seriously especially religion.  I have these friends who are supposedly born again, is it just me or many people of this belief many times appear arrogant.  This begs the question, why do many people who are deeply enmeshed in their faith come across as very rigid, unyeilding and with an attitude of my God is bigger than your God hence your God has to bow to mine.  Have they all paused to ponder why we have all these religious conflicts in the world.  The deeply catholic will say the protestants will not make heaven because they are not catholics hence not the original church, the protestants say the catholics have lost their ways and have become a form of worship in idolatry and the penticostals will say the catholics are idol worshppers and the protestants are lukewarm christians.  The worst will be Muslims are murderers/ terrorists, idolaters and to the muslims the christians are kafris who do not know God, dont evewn let me start on the Budhists and jews and Krishna/ all eastern religions.

The above is the reason why politcians will contnue to use wedge issues to divide and conquer the world and toy with the mind of the ignorant in the society to achieve their aims. For political reasons the Hausa Fulani will use religion as a wedge issue to divide the north and the south in Nigeria so they can use the strategy to achieve their aim in elections,  in America the Southern republican politicians/ conservative will use this to entrench their racist ideology under the guise of conservative christian faith that show no love/charity.  Islamic leaders will use this to enrich themselves to the detriment of the masses who are meant to be poor because that is the will of allah and the sharia laws will contnously be used to harvet the limbs of the poor people in the populace while the real thief the politician is walking about free to continue his/her plundering.

Can we use our brains that God gave us instead of stupidly following the pope, the Bishops, the imams, oversears and all religious leaders to our own detriment sometimes they appear to me to be tools that are used to control the mind of the people, dont get me wrong this does not mean that i don't believe in God but can we believe in God without losing our senses?  According to my 6 year old, she told my son when they were discussing medcne that God gave us the brain to make things like car and medicine and all the things that make life better for us so that we do not disturnb him for mundane things because he has already answered the prayers by teaching us to do all these things.

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