Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Continental Africans from the western perspective.

A few years back when i first travelled to obodo oyibo, the image of continental Africa that was being constantly shown on the TV was always that of a critical state of great poverty and hopelessness.  My sister was so moved that one day she started copying down the phone # on the screen and was intending to call to make a donation to save the poor African children, while she was doing that my older brother came in and asked what she was doing, she told him she was about giving money to the poor children in some east african country.  My brother burst in to laughter and told her not to bother and reserve her money to assist our family members who might need it if she feel so much like spending her money, he went on to explain to us that it will never end cause this is what she will continue seeing on TV till she leaves and that some are legitimate yahoo yahoo.  He went ahead to explain to us how some of the kids on those videos have been like that for ages, he showed us the one with Kizito and his siblings and explained how kizitos situation has not improved in years and how he is still 10 years old since 5 years ago, he also used example of others in South America.

Anytime they want to bring up an image of any part of Africa they look for the dirtest, dingiest place to show on TV  but if its vice versa they give you a very  beautiful and well packaged glossy image of their own country and our people will conitnue to sprout what they dont know just because they are watching some well package image on cable.  what our people dont get is that these people are bent on selling the stereotype of the stupid African who can do nothing for himself and an accomplished caucasian who is a god and can excel in all things and unfortunately our leaders keep falling into this trap by amassing so much for themselves to the detriment of who they are supposed to be serving and dumping it in the land of those who see them as stupid, uncultured aand ignorant fellows who borrow these money and use it for their own goals.

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