Saturday, October 23, 2010

funny questions kids ask

sometimes i wonder what goes on in my sons head, the questions he tends to ask many times get me going okayyyyyy cause i have no answers.  Let me list a few of them and hope to get answers to them.

1. Question: where does God live

Moi: In heaven, on earth and everywhere

 Question : so where is he since you say he is everywhere, can he come out of wherever he is hiding cause i want to talk to him.

Moi:lol i don't know when you go to church ask your catechism teacher.

we were discussing rocks and how they are formed and while discussing sedimentary rocks we somehow got to talk about mudslides and flooding he asked me this
 Question : Are you telling me excessive rain leads to flooding and it kills people.

Moi: yes and proceeded to tell him about the recent pakistani flood disaster. 

Question:  so why does this happen?

someone actually tried to explain the Noah deluge to him and how God said he would never destroy the world that way again and you guessed right his next question was

Question; A ha  so can someone explain to me what happened in Pakistan, are you telling me that God lied or is that not the same thing he said he will never do again.

Moi : abeg ooo, i nor know maybe he meant the whole world, please if you know the answers to his questions let me know i don't know if am smart enough for this small boy.

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