Wednesday, October 27, 2010

To tithe or not to tithe?

I often ponder the above,  i ask myself if i am a bad person/ christian because i don't tithe, but  am not convinced at all on this,  i have read that malachi chapter on tithing several times and just as i do not fulfil each and every requirement in the bible i do not feel obliged to tithe and i don't and will never get why the new age church leaders like to hammer this point so strongly.  It raises the question "are they really doing this for God or  for their own sake"  anyway don't want to judge any body and don't nobody judge me.

i have this older friend of mine who is a jim jim born again, the baba tells me that everything in the bible is black and white and that i should not add to it, i tell him that the bible is indeed the word of God and the precepts/ opinion of men. he will  argue and argue that everything in there is the word of God, well i tell him ok baba when paul advised the people to stay celibate and not marry, did he not say that was his own advise, baba go quiet, well he will also go on and on about tithing and how i am robbing God and that it is the word of God and i must obey it.  I just ask baba why he wears different colors given that in the laws God said you should  not wear clothes of different colors, baba go keep quiet.  He tells me not to compromise by voting for liberals who dont believe in God but as a christian, the burden is on me to vote conservatives who believe in God and do the right thing.  i just reply baba by telling him that i see no charity in the conservatives and to me they are not christians that even though the liberals say a different thing they are the ones who actually act as Christians.

My baba is so funny that he tries so hard not to sin but sin sometimes find him and i make sure i point it out to him and of course he cant  do the same to me because i never pretended to be perfect, i hope i am not spoiling the old man cause i got him to be less rigid and relax a little bit,  i said to him baba you don't have to work too hard ' cause someone already paid the price and our God's love is unconditional so please do not love God out of the fear of hell but fear him out of love.  So tithe or no tithe God loves you and he really does not get that money, someone else is using it to buy jet and build mansions while the children of God are suffering with nobody to alleviate their sufferings and pain.  i do not think out God meant for that to happen since he is a loving father who cares for his children.  Please adopt a charity and do Gods work by helping the needy today.

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